Yamasa: technology, innovation, agility, quality and productivity

Since 1965, Yamasa has been producing equipment for industrial poultry with excellence and high technology. The company came up with the mission of meeting the automation needs of small, medium and large farms. The equipment produced by Yamasa guarantees agility, quality and high productivity.

The strict quality standard present in the entire production process was crucial for Yamasa to win customers in Latin America, the United States and Canada.

Yamasa uses suitable and resistant materials, such as AISI 304 Stainless Steel, in the manufacture of its entire line of equipment. This quality standard guarantees the high durability of the products and prevents damage caused by overuse and the effects of time. In addition, the products have an exclusive finish.

Aiming to generate solutions for industrial poultry, Yamasa has a wide range of products:

Egg Washing and Sorting Machine by Weight

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Egg Packer

Egg Washer and Dryer

Hatchery Classifiers and Packers

Quail Egg Packer

Automatic Tray Feeder

Centrifugal Breaker Machine

Plastic Tray Washer

Yamasa also offers automation to fruit and vegetables through the Fruit Sorting Machine.

Yamasa's success is also the result of differentiated service, quality in the assembly of machines, technical qualification of the team and efficient assistance in after-sales. The sales team is formed by professionals specialized in operating the entire line of equipment produced by the company. Thus, the customer receives differentiated and efficient assistance. In addition to installing the machines, Yamasa sends a team that offers training to those who are going to operate them.

The commitment to generate solutions and satisfy customers has made Yamasa a solid brand in the poultry market.